Mind the gap

Employment disparities leave ethnic minorities in the UK under-pensioned

by Athina Vlachantoni

It’s no secret that some societal inequalities are not, shall we say, fair. Just do the numbers. Systemic income disparities between ethnic groups are found in many countries. Women earn less money than men in all of them. Pension gaps are the cumulative consequence.

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Care up and down

Five takeaways from the Families and Societies European Policy Brief on intergenerational dependence

by Daniela Vono de Vilhena

Whether we are sandwiched or stretched in mid-life is a matter of metaphorical consistency. How we care for our grandparents, parents and children is a matter of policy that affects just about everyone.

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So They Never Wanted Kids – Childlessness and the Ex-post Rationalisation Problem

by Patrick Dick, Editorial Journalist

A couple of weeks ago, television on (the ever-encroaching) Valentine’s Day was predictably replete with romantic comedies. Most of the films I recognised had happy endings—appropriate on a day of upbeat marketing. In many cases, happy endings meant children, or at least the commitment to start a family. One network bucked the trend, however, apparently deciding that childlessness fit the bill.

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Childlessness: What’s Old, What’s New, What’s Innovative

by Michaela Kreyenfeld

Explanations for childlessness have long abounded in popular culture. Some have chalked it up to decaying mores, others to cataclysmic events like war or economic disaster—still others to policy, which can be the cause or effect of any of these. But like so much in science, reality does not necessarily fit, or at least fit nicely, with what we “observe” on a daily basis.

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21st Century Children

by Tracey Burns

My son was accepted into film-making camp, and he’s only seven years old! I’m so proud. The only problem is that I’m not sure how I will get him there since the twins have their dance class and then empathy workshop on the same afternoon– On the phone with my friend, I make polite noises but inside I am thinking: what ever happened to kids having time to run around and just have fun?

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